Patient Ratings Tell All

How to Find the Best of them All


Patient Ratings Tell All

Be confident that you have chosen the best doctor to perform your cosmetic procedure.

When it comes to something as personal, detailed and life changing as cosmetic surgery, you better be 100% sure you choose the very best doctor available to do your well-deserved procedure. With hundreds to thousands of local doctors to choose from, how do you filter through all of the marketing and advertising to truly know who is the best? Outside of personally knowing someone who has worked with a doctor and can give you a first-person review, the best way to get a real review is to research them via non-biased websites. Reputable cosmetic surgery institutes, like the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches, will have a strong presence on sites like Angie’s List, where only highly reviewed and properly vetted practices can be members.

Become an Expert

The next best thing to researching a doctor and his cosmetic surgery team is to also become an expert in the procedure you want done. If you are looking to have liposuction or a breast augmentation, for example, talk to others who have had these procedures done. Look for message boards, informational articles, blogs and reviews. By being your own expert on the procedure you want done, you can better communicate with any doctor you are consulting with. You will be able to ask more knowledgeable questions and more importantly, you will be able to ascertain exactly how informed and helpful the doctor is. Do they blow you off or do they give you detailed, informed answers that show their expertise and abilities?

When it comes to something as important as cosmetic surgery, you are your own best advocate. Know what you want, educate yourself as much as possible, and be sure to find the best doctor in your area.


Having the Ideal Look in the Palm Beaches

Having the Ideal Look in the Palm Beaches

Palm Beach plastic surgeons like the Estetica Institute’s Dr. Greg DeLange help many patients look more attractive through various procedures.

When some people think of the Palm Beaches, they often envision sunny weather, swaying palm trees and sun-drenched beach-goers in bathing suits. Some of the people who live in the area also think of that idyllic scenery. However, many of the people who live in the Palm Beaches face the same struggles that people across the nation face:  the battle of the bulge. In growing numbers, men and women across the area turn to Palm Beach plastic surgeons to help them improve their physiques. Many people pack on the pounds as they age, but surgeons can help them slim down.

Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons, including Dr. Greg DeLange of the Estetica Institute, perform various procedures that give men and women. Dr. DeLange performs traditional liposuction Palm Beach procedures, as well as a variation called standing liposuction. His office also offers patients tummy tucks Palm Beach and lap-band procedures. Many women get abdominoplasty Palm Beach procedures, more commonly known as tummy tucks, following pregnancy to firm up their bodies after giving birth.

Women can get tummy tucks as well as breast augmentation Palm Beach surgery, a combination known as a mommy makeover by some people. Some women may have a breast lift rather than breast implants.

In the aging population of the Palm Beaches, procedures that make patients look more youthful have become very popular. Many people from cities like Jupiter, Delay Beach, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach undergo anti-aging procedures.  A number of cosmetic surgery offices, like Dr. Gregory DeLange’s, offer patients options when they want to look younger. Patients can choose to either undergo surgeries like Palm Beach facelifts or can undergo non-surgical options such as Botox Palm Beach injections.

Get Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Results with Palm Beach Facelifts from the Estetica Institute

Get Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Results with Palm Beach Facelifts from the Estetica Institute

Palm Beach facelifts at the Estetica Institute can make you appear younger for many years.

In the latest issue of the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a long-term study found that more than three-quarters of patients who undergo facelift surgery still look younger than they did before surgery more than five years after the procedure. The study, published in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, shows that patients in the Palm Beaches and across the country can expect to see long-term results by undergoing this common procedure. Many centers of cosmetic surgery in the Palm Beaches, including the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches, help men and women look younger through both surgical and non-surgical means like Botox Palm Beach treatments. Many patients also go to the facility for facelifts in Palm Beach and other anti-aging surgeries.

Men and women can look younger, more attractive and thinner by visiting leading cosmetic surgeons in the Palm Beaches, such as Dr. Gregory DeLange of the Estetica Institute. Dr. DeLange performs a wide array of surgeries to help his patients better their appearances and feel more confident.  He performs various body-sculpting surgeries, including tummy tucks Palm Beach, body lifts in Palm Beach and standing liposuction. Tummy tucks, sometimes referred to as abdominoplasty Palm Beach, can give patients much slimmer figures and greatly enhance their lives.

This Palm Beach Gardens cosmetic surgery facility helps men and women improve their looks in multiple ways. Patients come to the institute for different types of breast surgery. Women can get first-rate breast augmentation Palm Beach procedures at the center, along with breast lifts and breast reductions.

The Popularity of Breast Enhancement Has Taken Off

The Popularity of Breast Enhancement Has Taken Off

More and more women have embraced breast enhancement to improve their figures and feel more confident about themselves.

The popularity of breast enhancement has taken off across the United States, and particularly in places where fashion, beauty and status rank highly. Just as people of both genders want to look and feel younger, women enjoy the feeling of extra confidence and higher self-esteem that comes along with breast augmentation in Palm Beach, according to Dr. Gregory DeLange, the medical director of the Estetica Institute, one of the premier choices for cosmetic surgery in the Palm Beaches. Women who enhance their figures with breast implants enjoy the extra attention they receive from men, and the greater confidence that extra attention gives them. Greg DeLange says that breast implants can enhance women’s social lives, as well as their romantic and professional prospects.

Dr. Greg DeLange of the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches says that male patients have also become more open to cosmetic procedures to boost their confidence and improve their appearances. More men come in for treatments on their faces to address problems such as wrinkles and discolored skin than in years past. Gregory DeLange has also noted more men coming in for body procedures, including liposuction, lap-bands and body lifts, to improve their figures and their health.

Estetica Institute and the Most Beautiful You

Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches

Life is short. We want to look our best everyday. Beauty and Youth are eternal and for women, the pressure is always on to look your best and be alluring. Whether mom or career girl, professional lawyer or actress, women are always aware of the pressure to be slim, pretty, and young in appearance. For men, the visual indicators are being slim, looking young and echoing strength. But age and life’s stresses take a toll on how we look. Our faces and bodies change over time.

Estetica Institute and Beauty

Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches helps women and men enhance and beautify.

This is where Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches comes in. Estetica Institute is South Florida’s premiere destination for all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The Institute features a full medi-spa for all kinds of skin and body treatments and is the first of its kind in the United States.

Medical Director Dr. Gregory DeLange is a prominent figure in the international community of plastic surgeons. He is often chosen to comment on new developments in cosmetic surgery and in the beauty industry. He is widely published, board-certified, and an innovator in a variety of techniques ranging from breast augmentation and tummy tucks to rhinoplasty and face lifts. Dr. DeLange has come to be viewed as a leading figure by his peers and by his numerous patients, many of whom are celebrities in their professions.

The Most Beautiful You and Cosmetic Surgery in Palm Beach

Ours is a visual world and the pressure is always on to look our best. Whether man or woman, beauty and youth are two of the most indicators of status. Power emanates from the beautiful and the youthful. This is our world. Cosmetic surgery can help you achieve the most beautiful you and provide you with more self-confidence that translates into both personal and professional success. Estetica Institute is the destination of choice in Palm Beach County!

Estetica Institute and Breast Augmentation in Palm Beach

For patients seeking the finest in breast augmentation Palm Beach, the clear choice is the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches.  This state-of-the-art facility, located in Palm Beach Gardens, features experienced, highly professional and Board-certified Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons who have helped patients improve their self-esteem and appearances for decades. The institute’s well-trained and courteous staff will make your treatments and experience pleasant and memorable. The institute’s medi-spa offers patients a number of different spa-like services and treatments under the supervision of a physician.

estetica institute for breast augmentation in palm beach

Estetica Institute: Palm Beach Breast Augmentation and much more!

Estetica Institute’s two Board-certified Palm Beach plastic surgeons, medical director Dr. Gregory DeLange and Dr. Arturo Guiloff, perform many different types of procedures to help their patients achieve the looks they have always wanted. Doctors Guiloff and DeLange perform different types of breast procedures for their patients, such as male breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lifts and breast reduction for women. For those thinking about breast augmentation palm beach and the luxurious surroundings of South Florida  Estetica Institute is for you.
Fuller breasts help many women feel more beautiful and confident, leading to a more satisfied life. The surgeons also perform various facial cosmetic surgery procedures, such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, chin and cheek implants, brow lifts and more. For patients who have been unable to get rid of excess weight through exercise and diet, the institute also offers different types of body procedures to help patients look more attractive, including liposuction, body lifts and tummy tucks.

Estetica Institute

estetica institute

Estetica Institute and Beauty

Featuring the best in Palm Beach plastic surgery facilities and cosmetic surgeons, the Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches has provided Palm Beach cosmetic surgery patients with excellent quality procedures for years. Both of this facility’s plastic surgeons, Dr. Arturo Guiloff and Dr. Greg DeLange (Chief Surgeon), are Board-certified and have more than a decade of experience helping their patients feel better about themselves and look better.

Estetica Institute of the Palm Beaches provides a broad array of cosmetic surgery procedures to help patients enhance their appearances and boost their self-esteem as they rejuvenate. The center’s surgeons perform a number of facial procedures that help men and women look more attractive and appealing, and in turn feel more confident. Estetica Institute performs breast augmentation, browlifts, nose surgery, lip augmentation, eyelid surgeries, cheek and chin implants, and other facial surgery procedures.

The center’s well-trained and experienced surgeons perform body procedures as  to help patients improve their shape. Dr. DeLange and Dr. Guiloff perform liposuction procedures, body lifts, tummy tucks and arm lifts.  The doctors also perform a full range of breast procedures, including breast reduction, male breast reduction, breast augmentation and breast lift.

Contact Estetica today to schedule your next cosmetic procedure. The center also features a medi-spa that provides the highest level in skin care, permanent make up, and laser hair removal.